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MSA Practicum Project - Organization Proposal

To meet Georgia Tech’s MS Analytics practicum requirements, opportunities must allow the student to:

  • Apply concepts learned in the classroom to an important analytics or data science problem currently faced by your business, government agency or organization
  • Apply graduate-level data science skills
  • Work on various aspects of the data science project life cycle
  • Contribute 20 hours/week hours throughout an entire semester to the practicum organization

Please fill out the form below to have your practicum opportunity considered to be added to our MSA practicum opportunities database.

(on-campus or on-line)
MSA (on-campus or on-line)

Please upload a practicum proposal document containing the elements listed below. Note: We will use this proposal for 2 purposes: to determine if your project is a viable project for the MS Analytics practicum, and, if your project is accepted, we will also share this proposal with students to help them select which project they would like to work on.

  1. Organization background & information
  2. Problem statement & objective, clearly stating desired goals and outcomes
  3. Desired/required skills
  4. Names of key contacts
  5. Nature, size, and availability of data set to be analyzed
  6. Technologies/tools to be used
  7. Resources and/or reference materials

Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.