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Applied Analytics Practicum Sponsorship – Call for Proposals

Quotes From Past Practicum Sponsors

Over the past several academic terms, we have sponsored over 100 on-line MSA students through their practicum requirements. The results have been consistently outstanding. The program attracts pragmatic individuals which have typically already had 9 years of work experience in their related fields, who are nearing the end of a rigorous program, and who are ready to apply recent lessons in data science, machine learning, and data visualization to the project. The students represent diverse and global backgrounds - but work effectively together irrespective of time-zones, years of experience, or familiarity with the domain of the project. I have marveled at how these groups consistently self-organize to tackle the challenges put before them. The OMSA program develops students to work with cloud platforms, and we found they became adept at using AWS Sagemaker for machine learning with little additional guidance - which has enhanced our ability to utilize their results for our organization's needs. Our engagement with the OMSA practicum has been one of the best investments of time that we have made as an early-stage technology company. --Tom Darbonne, CEO, AudioT Inc
The Atlanta Housing Authority has thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from sponsoring practicums for the MSA students fromGeorgia Tech. This partnership has afforded Atlanta Housing the opportunity to leverage the expertise of the best and brightest academia has to offer.Master of Science in Analytics students employ scientific processes and data analysis to help inform real estate decision-making, prioritization, and strategy – ultimately for the betterment of the community and the population we serve --Brian Benn, Chief Information Officer, Atlanta Housing Authority