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Topics Covered

The MS Analytics core and elective courses cover a broad range of analytics and data science knowledge and skills. The table below shows most of the topics covered in core (required) courses and those that are available in elective courses. Note that elective courses often provide multiple topics simultaneously; for example, data mining, neural networks, association/classification, and statistical learning are closely-related topics and may be covered in a single course, along with appropriate software, computing resources, and advanced data skills.

Modeling and Analysis

Topic Core Elective
Association/classification x x
Basic probability x  
Bayesian data analysis   x
Causality x  
Continuous-time simulation   x
Data mining x x
Deep learning x
Descriptive statistics x  
Discrete-event simulation x x
Distribution fitting x x
Forecasting x x
Integer optimization x x
Linear optimization x x
Linear regression x x
Machine learning x x
Markov chains x x
Data mining x x
Natural language processing x
Neural networks x x
Nonlinear optimization x x
Pattern recognition   x
Social network analysis x x
Statistical inference x x
Statistical learning x x
Stochastic models x x
Text mining x x
Time series analysis x x
Uncertainty x x
Variability x x

Data and Computing

Topic Core Elective
Cloud computing x  
Data cleaning x  
Data exploration x  
Deep learning   x
Excel x x
Hadoop x x
High performance computing   x
High-volume data x x
Hive x x
Machine learning x x
Natural language processing   x
Neural networks   x
NoSQL x x
Parallel computing   x
Pig x x
Python x x
Relational databases x x
SAS x x
Scaling issues x x
Spark x x
SQL x x
Star schema   x
Stata   x
Tableau x x
Visualization x x
Web scraping x  

Business Context and Problem Solving

Topic Core Elective
Accounting  x  
Business processes  x x
Customer analytics  x x
Econometrics  x x
Finance  x x
Financial analytics    x
Law/ethics/privacy/security    x
Marketing  x x
Marketing analytics  x x
Negotiation  x  
Pricing/revenue management  x x
Problem definition  x x
Problem framing  x x
Problem solving  x x
Project management    x
Risk analytics    x
Strategy  x x
Supply chains  x x