Master of Science in Analytics

an Interdisciplinary Hybrid Data Science and Analytics degree

Georgia Tech’s Master of Science in Analytics is a hybrid data science and analytics degree offered interdisciplinarily through GT’s Colleges of Computing, Business, and Engineering. Georgia Tech offers three options for students seeking a Master’s in Analytics.

Master of Science in Analytics (MSA)

The Atlanta campus MSA can be completed in one year. It includes “perqs” such as dedicated MSA Career Services, MSA-only job fairs, and a conference travel budget for each student.

Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMSA)

The OMSA is fully remote and can be completed in two to three years; it’s the same curriculum with the same expert Georgia Tech faculty.

Master of Science in Analytics - Shenzhen (MSA-S)

The Georgia Tech Shenzhen, China campus MSA-S on the can be completed in one and a half years.

Prospective Students

  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum

    Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary approach to analytics will give you the opportunity to gain direct experience from top international authorities on business intelligence, statistics, and operations research, all while gaining additional insight from developers of innovative analytics techniques in machine learning and world leaders in big data and high-performance computing.

    The curriculum’s unique mix of depth and breadth covers a wide range of analytics and data science areas and at the same time gives you the flexibility to design a program that matches your interests and goals.

  • Applied Learning

    The MSA program provides students with numerous learning opportunities including the Analytics Practicum, Project-based Courses, Alumni & Employer-led Technical Interview Prep, and MSA Project Week. Using Data Science principles and techniques, as a MSA student you will solve real-world problems while mastering effective communication skills used in the presentation of results and project management. Students also encounter situations built to further hone their soft skills through customized training on topics such as ethics, creativity, leadership, and teamwork.

  • Career & Networking Resources (Atlanta Campus)

    Through your dedicated career advisor, the MS Analytics Program Career Services team works to support you in achieving your career goals. The Career Services team provides a robust curriculum of professional development, networking, and MSA-only recruiting events.  Our alumni network actively engages students through our mentoring program, speaker series, advisory board, recruiting efforts, and other opportunities.

    In addition, you are allotted professional development funds for travel to Data Science-related conferences and other professional development resources.

    The curriculum fosters an environment in which students develop interdisciplinary working relationships. These connections are further established through our MSA Fun Committee events and activities.

  • Technical Resources

    You’ll have access to high-performance, massive-scale lab, cloud computing, and analytics software training (SQL, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Hadoop, Spark, etc.). MSA students also receive subscriptions to technical interview and coding resources.

  • Location

    Georgia Tech’s campus is nestled in the heart of Atlanta surrounded by the Midtown neighborhood filled with opportunities to live, work, and play in a thriving environment. Within proximity to campus are public transportation, shopping, dining, and the arts. The Analytics program is housed in CODA Tech Square a unique mixed-use development which houses GT researchers, labs, premier graduate programs, like MS Analytics. The building includes collaborative lounges for work and study space, and The Collective Food Hall.

    Metro Atlanta is home to 17 Fortune 500 companies and is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the nation. Atlanta has the highest concentration of startups, tech incubators and corporate innovation centers in the Southeast. Many of which are located in or near Georgia Tech’s Tech Square in Midtown.


Curriculum Overview

The MS Analytics curriculum is structured to be completed in a single year (fall, spring, and summer), with a total of 36 credits required for each student. Trained by world-class faculty, students will learn identification and framing of problems; acquisition, management, and utilization of large and fast-moving streams of data; creation, analysis, solution, and interpretation of mathematical models using appropriate methodology; and the integration of these interdisciplinary skills to enable graduates to successfully develop and execute analytics projects.

The interdisciplinary core includes 15 credits of coursework across business, computing, statistics, and operations research. On top of this integrated breadth of study covering the core areas of analytics, each student has 15 credits of electives to satisfy one of the specialized tracks to give them depth in an analytics area of specialization: Analytical Tools, Business Analytics, and Computational Data Analytics. Each student's elective choices can be personalized to support their individual career goals. The final piece of the curriculum is an applied analytics practicum, in which students will work with companies and organizations on real analytics problems.

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